Asserting Your Opinion and Respecting Your Needs When Getting Newark Offices for Lease

Asserting Your Opinion and Respecting Your Needs When Getting Newark Offices for Lease

Asserting Your Opinion and Respecting Your Needs When Getting Newark Offices for Lease



When most people look at Newark offices for lease, they usually consider factors such as square footage, location, expansion needs, the appearance of the building, the development of the area in which the building is located etc.  Sometimes, when you consider a number of practical things, you forget to consider how the space feels and whether you think you’re going to be happy there.  People might tell you that a space has many practical benefits but you’re the one who has to make the final decision.  And just because a space might be perfect for other companies doesn’t mean it would be perfect for you.  Here are a few things to consider before leasing an office in Newark:

Is It Right for Your Business?

Most office spaces are divided into cubicles that seat employees and offices for those in higher positions.  However, it’s possible that you run the kind of business where you require more space for your employees or you require the space to be divided differently.  For example, architects don’t work in cubicles.  They require large desks where they can draw up blueprints or create models.  In other workplaces, brainstorming might be the norm.  So, rather than dividing a space into cubicles, you might need larger conference room type spaces where people can talk to a number of others at the same time.  Make sure that the space you’re planning to buy can accommodate your type of business.

Understanding the Disadvantages

Most realtors will tell you all the advantages of a space but they won’t emphasize the disadvantages.  However, it’s better that you know what the disadvantages of a place are before you sign the lease.  So if you think that a certain thing is going to be a disadvantage but you’re not sure, ask your realtor about it.  For example, you might suspect that a space, being on a lower floor, will be noisy during rush hour, when the traffic is going by.  If you’re not visiting the space during rush hour, it’s hard to tell if this is true.  So make sure you ask or come back to look at the space once again during rush hour.  You may end up thinking that the disadvantage is not too great and you might decide to go for the place after all.  However, it’s better to know these things in advance rather than being surprised by them later.

These are a couple of things to consider when you’re leasing an office space in Newark.  Contact us for more tips on finding the space that will work best for you.

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